Compatible Northwestern Machines

Kiosk Series

Product Overview

Never before has this much capacity and variety been available in a 28” diameter footprint! Because of the Kiosk’s unique design, the machines can be safely rotated by the customer, allowing the Kiosk to be placed against a wall, or even in a corner! The Kiosk’s umbrella and lively color combinations contribute to a visual appeal not found in any other bulk vending unit.

Standard Features

  • Six Super 60 machines on the bottom, three 80 Series machines on top
  • Lazy Susan design eliminates the need for walk-around floor space…can be set up against a wall or in a corner
  • Offers a maximum variety of merchandise in a minimum amount of floor space
  • Rugged steel and cast alloy construction
  • Brilliant, scratch resistant powder coat paint (New Red)


  • Multiple color combinations available
  • Base available in chrome or black
  • Can be purchased without umbrella
  • Three heights available (Model 80 19”, Super 80 25”, Super 80 30”)