1. Emerson A. Bolen
  2. Kitchen Matches
  3. The Yankee
  4. The Northwestern Novelty Company
  1. Diversification
  2. Ice Cream
  3. Waldo Bolen
  4. New Horizons in Bulk Vending
  1. Landmark Machines
  2. Disaster
  3. Pat and Richard Bolen
  4. Nortwestern Today

Chapter 11: Pat and Richard Bolen

Pat had come to Northwestern in 1957, after graduating from the University of Arizona. He was married and had three sons. Northwestern flourished in the sixties and the bulk vending industry continued to grow.

In 1979, Richard K. Bolen, a man of many talents (father, published author, athlete and artist), became President of Northwestern and W.E. Bolen Jr. took the position of Vice President. Richard, an engineering graduate from Stanford, was instrumental in designing and improving Northwestern equipment over the years, and was now ready to pursue a more visible role in the company.